Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog post 8: application

10 medical items that fall under a nano application
1. nanomedicine - delivers drugs, heat and light to specific cells
why nano? - scale of biology: naturally develop particles to attack cells
2. molecular imaging - contrast agents
why nano? - scale of biology: the nano scale helps MRIs, CT, and ultrasounds give information on a cellular and molecular level
3. molecular imaging - cardiovascular disease
why nano? - quantum series: cellular imaging is used and blown up to be seen with different colors specifying specific areas of the cell needing to be targeted to prevent/cure disease
4. nanotubes
why nano? - scale of biology: DNA is in the tube, the tube holds things and releases i.e. a drug is released from DNA tube when an unwanted particle molecule is present
5. nanotube muscles
why nano? - scale of surface area: the tube of muscles is a small size but has the movement ability of a human hand muscle and can do an extreme amount of work, a small object has a high performance with extreme amount of power
6. gold, rod-shaped nanoparticles
why nano? - quantum series: the gold nanoparticles are trained to bind to antibodies that bind to growth factor receptor proteins found in high concentration of cancer cells.  The gold rod marks the presence of the cancer cells helping doctors distinguish a brain tumor from healthy tissue.
7. decentralized water purification systems
why nano? - scale of biology: nanoscale fabrication leads to efficiency gain in ion exchange, disinfection, reverse osmosis, and electrodialysis
8. nanostructures - tissue engineering
why nano? - scale of biology: nanochemical structure are attached to a tissue surface the nanostructure acts as a "seed molecule" and the tissue would begin to grow, eventually on its own, into the desired tissue shape
9. nanocosmetics
why nano? - scale of biology: used in sunscreen (zinc oxide material) and protects minimal damage to DNA from sunlight
10. bone replacement materials
why nano? - scale of biology

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